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Painter’s Insurance provided by Builders Choice Insurance Services

Painting is carried out to protect the surface from weathering, prevent the wood from decay and metal from corrosion, provide a decorative finish, and obtain a clean, hygienic, and healthy living atmosphere. Paints mainly consist of white lead or zinc white, resinous matter, and petroleum spirit. Soon after application, their formation into a tough, impervious, decay-resistant enamel-like surface protects it from being affected by acids, alkalies, fumes and gas, hot and cold water, etc.

What is Painter's Insurance ?

Painting insurance is vital for contractors as it protects against various common risks, including paint spills, falls, broken windows, or almost anything else resulting in injury or costly property damage. A single incident might be difficult or impossible to overcome without the appropriate coverage in place. The cost of painting insurance differs from business to business because each has its own unique risk. Many factors influence the cost of painting insurance, including exposure to hazards, specific coverage needs, and the number of employees.

How much Painter's Insurance does cost?

Insurance for painters doesn't have to be expensive! The average cost of a business insurance policy for painting businesses costs roughly between $39 and $99 a month, with the average insurance cost being around $60 a month. Talking to an experienced insurance professional who understands your business is key. 

You should prepare for the questions you’ll be asked, such as “How many employees do you have?” and “What are your annual gross receipts?” This will streamline the process and help you determine the right insurance that fits your needs. Other factors that affect pricing will include:

  • The services you offer (i.e., whether or not you offer interior or exterior painting)
  • The type of tools and equipment you use
  • How many subcontractors you employ
  • Whether or not you have a history of claims
  • Heavy equipment or machinery that’s used
  • Whether or not you have property or vehicles that need coverage
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