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Experience expert care and quality service with Builders Choice Insurance Services.

Builders' Choice Insurance Services is a full-service commercial insurance brokerage in Newport Beach, California, committed to providing contractors and small business owners affordable general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

As an independent commercial insurance broker helping businesses best manage risk, our flexibility to shop the market to over 40+ reputable insurance carriers puts you in the driver's seat for the best price and coverage available. We thrive on our speed of service and getting what you need when you need it.

Our team of insurance professionals works with you every step of the way, from helping you pick your first policy to adding critical coverage as your business grows. You will face risks in your business every day. Make sure choosing the right insurance company is one of them. Visit our Newport Beach, California office to learn more about our affordable general liability and workers' compensation insurance plans.

Licensed for over 15 years

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Work with over 40+ carriers.

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General Liability

Data breaches
Copyright infringement

Injuries Coverage

Risk Factors

A customer trips on a fixture at your business and is injured.


Premises and operations insurance can help with hospital bills and damages as well as coverage for your business if the customer sues for negligence.

Lawsuits Coverage

Risk Factors

A former client files and wins a lawsuit over work performed by your company.


Products and completed operations insurance can help with the defense costs and, in some cases, the legal damages for which you may be responsible.

Data Breaches Coverage

Risk Factors

You lose confidential business and customer data when your computer system is hacked.


If your possessions are stolen, damaged, or destroyed in an insured loss, your coverage can help replace them up to the policy’s stated limits.

Disgruntlement Coverage

Risk Factors

A disgruntled former employee or even an applicant you didn’t hire brings legal action against your company.


Medical payments coverage can cover the medical costs if a visitor is hurt on your property, regardless of liability.

Copyright Infringement Coverage

Risk Factors

Copyright infringement can arise from using someone else’s work in your business’ ads without permission.


To cover such liabilities from affecting your business, you should have general liability insurance in place.
Builders' Choice Insurance


  • Larry R, CA

    "Builders' Choice gave us the best service and broke down the workers compensation policy for us unlike any agency we've ever had. Now we're better informed to navigate our business because of them...."
  • Rafa G, TX

    "I purchased a policy with twice the amount of coverage of my old policy and I am paying less. Glad I found them. They know what they're doing...."

  • Jeff S, CA

    "I called for a quote and they were able to get me my certificate and policy within 2 hours. Now that's what I call efficiency! They also beat the quote I had by $700. By far the best insurance experience I'v..."
  • Gaby L, NC

    "Can't say enough about the speed and thoroughness of service. He went into great detail of the different policies and was the only one of 4 agents I talked to that did. Definitely recommend! ..."

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